Men's Swim Shorts Cargo Pocket 3 Pack

Men's Swim Shorts Cargo Pocket 3 Pack

Can we get a picture of the front? Would like to see the draw string and how that’s setup.

Hate those board short draw strings.

Dear Woot God’s - please send the lobsters
Thank you

Look carefully on the photos from the side and you can see the draw string on the front.

Yeah but can’t tell if it has those dumb holes the strings go through.

I too, wish for lobsters. #jbp

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What waist size is the small? The chart only lists medium and up

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TIL that a 36" waist is XX Large


I found the front view photo

I ordered small and got mediums and sadly no lobster @ThunderThighs


Wow - second time my son wore these the seam blew out (they were a good fit, not tight at all). What a bummer - not to mention it could have been exceedingly embarrassing for him (fortunately he was quick to grab his towel and no one noticed).

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