Mens Tech Sherpa Hoodie w/ Chest Pocket

Mens Tech Sherpa Hoodie w/ Chest Pocket

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Why are the sizes the same for both men and woman? Then why make separate categories since its the same jacket and same sizes? Was this an accident?

For the women’s it lists as sherpa lining in sleeves as well as chest area and hood.
Does the Men’s also add extra bulk in the sleeves?

The women’s version will have a slight tapering in the waist.

I’m not seeing that. The sleeves are lined but not with sherpa. That would make it very hard to put on.

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women’s 2 pk loose fit Tech sherpa hoodie
2nd feature listed states sherpa in sleeves

want to wear this under a wind shell. sherpa would make it too bulky for that.
That’s why looking to men’s. also may be longer which is a plus.

Ah, I looked at the single. Let me ask.

Update: 2-pack versions do have sherpa in the sleeves. Asking about the single ones.

what material is outside… is it a sweatshirt feel or a smoother feel…

From the vendor:

Smoother feel, sleeves are lined with sherpa

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It is closer to a smoother feel. However, the zippers are cheap plastic.

TY. Really helpful.