Men's Terrain Low 4" Tactical Training Shoes

Reviews on Blackhawk site say run .5 smaller.

Anyone know if these are water resistant at all?

No, it says they are breathable…

What makes these “tactical”? Can I only wear them while in full tactical gear, with my tactical bags doing tactical training led by a tactical guy that read about being tactical and watched some youtube vids on being all tactical and stuff? I’m a 20th century man and boy I tell you, thank goodness for the advent of all this tactical gear that is available to the previously untactical guys out there. Now when I get into my tactically outfitted rig, and go to the store to get tactical juice, I don’t feel exposed or in danger because I’m obviously more tactical than the plebian in the regular nontac garb. Damn it feels good to be tactical.

So, the sizing chart image is quite useless without knowing which sizing the shoes are actually offered in. I assume USA Mens, but you know what they say about “assume”.

It’s also missing the promised chart for converting foot measurements to a size.

The size chart from the vendor is in the photo gallery.

I am curious as to why anyone would ever buy shoes from Woot? Since you have a zero return policy (if I understand correctly) it would be a total crapshoot to see if they fit. (Since shoe sizing varies wildly between manufacturers.) I’ve been burned by this before. :frowning:

We updated our return policy in January. There’s a link in my signature. Buy away.

I’ve purchased shoes from Woot several times and have been very pleased. But, I only buy when I know it’s a great deal and I know enough about the shoe/brand to know the sizing.

Yep, that’s exactly the one whose uselessness I was remarking upon. It shows five lines of sizes that you can convert to or from. Which of those five lines represents the sizing the shoes are offered in?

Just got these, and am impressed so far. Solid construction, all kinds of rubber bumpers and reinforcements, semi sticky sole (a lot of small treads, so they could pick up rocks) nice memory foam insole, and a more than decent replacement for my blown out Merrills for a fraction of the cost. They do seem to run small; I normally wear a 41 Euro, and after reading the size chart I got a 41.5 which just fits. So, size up. Would I wear these on an Everest expedition? Probably not, but they will do just fine for desert day hikes here in Phoenix. +1