Men's UA Storm Waterproof Jacket

Do these jackets have any type of lining or are they as simple as I hope, just the one layer of waterproof fabric?

I’m new to the Woot community. If I buy this jacket in the wrong size, can I return it to Woot for the right size or my full money back? Thanks.

Yes, you can. Our return policy is linked in my signature.

Best thing to do is compare our measurements to a jacket you like.

Is this the UA Storm Bora jacket?

Need more specs please or a reference to UA. Is this a light weight jacket? Thanks.

From the vendor:

It’s not as heavy as the Bora Jacket but it’s not lightweight in my opinion.

It’s not waterproof as the title suggests. It is water resistant. The seams are not taped either though it says they are. In some spots there is extra fabric covering the seams. It is however light weight and one layer, so if lightness is paramount for you and you are not in the rain too long it could work for you. Normally Woot is quite factual in their descriptions. This one unfortunately has 2 key fallacies.

This jacket is NOT waterproof. Not even close. It comes with 2 tags, one large tag that says “STORM WATERPROOF”
and a smaller one that says WATER RESISTANT TO LIGHT RAIN AND SNOW!!"
I wore it in light rain before reading the tags and got wet. Not happy doesn’t begin to cover it. Also, the zipper pull is on the left side like a Woman’s jacket or European jacket. Pain in the butt.

Hate to pile on but I also wore this jacket in the rain yesterday and it was useless. Not waterproof at all. Avoid if you need a thin rain coat. Purchase if you want a really really thin windbreaker that won’t even do that well.

I’m sorry, guys. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Piling on more.
The size chart is malarky.
LG chest 42-44 waist 35-37
I have a 43 chest and 34 waist. This jacket fits my 11 year old daughter.

I’m sorry. Please contact Woot CS.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.