Men's Ultra Soft Sueded LS Tees 2-Pack

Men's Ultra Soft Sueded LS Tees 2-Pack

Has anyone bought Ethan Williams tee shirts before and can comment on their quality?

They are delightful. I’ve only bought the short sleeved ones and they wash well, remaining soft and suede-like despite being 100% cotton without polyesters. If you normally wear a medium you might want to consider getting the large size. They are fitted well so there’s no excess when wearing under a fitted dress shirt. I’ve ordered 3 times in a variety of colors—black, marine blue, dark blue, white and all are very nice.

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I agree with the sentiments above with perhaps the exception that I normally wear a large and do the same with the Ethan Williams shirts. Depends on how you like your shirts sized. I did order the XL the first time and those are definitely comfortable to wear around the house . Just a little long for wearing out. Having said that does anyone have experience with the sizing of the long sleeved shirts? Would like to know if the fit is similar to the short sleeve?

The “list price” for a 2 pack of t-shirts is $120!?! GTFOH!


I placed a double order for the long sleeved ones. I’ll soon find out how they differ in sizing from the short sleeves.

12/13/18: Still waiting for delivery…

I’ve bought the short sleeved version of these multiple times now from woot. They are high quality, very soft shirts. I’m 5’8" 180 (not muscular) and bought the large and they fit me well. They are a little long for my height straight out of the package but after 1 wash they shrank minimally and I like the fit. I started out buying them as replacement white shirts to go under dress shirts as my cheap-o ones wore out, but picked up a colored one too and I like wearing them just as well alone. They have become my go-to T-shirt.

I’m considering getting one or two of these 2-packs for the winter.

I purchased two, 2 packs. One just came and the royal blue and burgondey only vaguely resemble the picture (only real negative, colors are dull compared to the picture). They feel nice, and I hope they shrink slightly as you stated (runs a little big, not a cut slim fit, but I’m a “tweener” in sizes, so the Xl will likely work once they shrink). If so, will be nice shirts to wear, definitely soft. For $35 that seems to be about correct. I would not pay more than $20 per shirt though, maybe they will surprise, but just seem ok, though I am happy with the purchase.