Men's Versace Sweaters

Crewneck version of this available in any size you want on ebay for 79.99. I’m sure these sweaters are nice, but $120 still seems excessive. Item: 130977483816

I would rather have a Cosby sweater.

In my humble experience, buying clothes off of eBay is pretty much a gamble, especially expensive brands - you may get the real thing, or you may get a knock-off. I’d rather pay $40 more and make sure I get the real thing, rather than potentially throwing out $80.

It’s Versace…and it’s made in China? They must be in serious need of money to be selling garbage made in China on Woot. Wow, there goes the Versace brand.

Thanks, I bought it at ver-sās.

You’re right. Many buyers get screwed on Ebay with knock offs. I don’t expect that here. I’m trying to figure out which color or colors I want. I have a Versace sweater but it’s around a no. of years. At this price it’s time for 1 or 2 new ones in time for the cooler weather. :slight_smile: I’m happy!

these must be cosby sweaters with the versace tag sewed on. Nobody would dare to wear a versace with a v-neck that is is that high.

In image of ‘GREEN’ sweater, at waist? The sweater looks nearly see-thru! I did not expect that.

I’m perturbed. Per. Turbed.

Is this a hip, new thing all the kids are doing?

You’re joking, right? It’s not only the image of the green sweater. Several of the photos show what is apparently the effect of reflected light – or worse, a white powdery discoloration – which you are interpreting as transparency of the fabric.