Men's Waffle-Knit Thermal Shirts 4-Pack

Men’s Waffle-Knit Thermal Shirts 4-Pack

Fun fact: In the UK, GBH is a well-known acronym for “grievous bodily harm.”

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Since when does Wikipedia count as a valid source?

So, maybe:
In the UK, GBH is a well-known acronym for “grievous bodily harm” among those familiar with English criminal law.

Here’s an article from The Sun, which is a general-public newspaper and not a specialty publication for people in the field of British law, that uses the abbreviation in the headline as if it’s generally understood, and doesn’t get around to spelling it out until the ninth paragraph:

It’s listed in British English from A to Zed, by Norman Schur, without specific reference to criminal law. It’s also listed in,,,, and even Urban Dictionary.

Also, I just now asked my British co-worker “John, what’s GBH?” and he immediately responded “grievous bodily harm.” And no, we do not work in British law. So there’s that.

Is that enough for you?

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