Men's Wallets: No Gurlz

Well, this marketing campaign is like a giant treehouse with a giant ‘No Girls Allowed’ sign on it. That is to say childish and sexist. I’m surprised and offended that Woot would be selling this product.

What’s so offensive about a “No Gurlz” slogan for an item marketed towards men? That’s no different than throwing pink all over an item marketed towards women (breast cancer awareness; what about prostate cancer awareness?) I don’t see how this is sexist, unless you expect every item imaginable be marketed as unisex.

you don’t buy anything here anyways.

Please… spare us. If you truly are offended by this ad I suggest shopping at

Obviously you can’t read or this post wouldn’t exist in here.

Cool story, bro — er, sis

Does anyone have any experience with the stitching on these wallets? The pictures make them seem a bit cheap.

I only bought the ‘magic wallet’ in the last woot-off. It’s not bad so far. At least it’s held up in my back pocket for this long with no complaints to speak of. I can honestly say that I feel like it was worth the cost. Can’t speak for the longer term though.

Edit: One other thing to note. Ngo, my fiancé, goes Van Huesen on many things, including dress shirts. Don’t know about their wallets, but their clothing is definitely good stuff. I’d imagine such quality would echo outward.

Meh, probably a sock account. Either that or honestly I don’t care since they haven’t bought anything anyway.

What’s funny is I’m a gurlz and I bought one :wink:

Why is it so hard to find a Man’s wallet with a place to put your coins? Is it so wrong that I don’t want to have to fish in my pocket for 50 cents, but instead have it with the rest of my money? Is it somehow considered feminine to be practical?

I think it probably has something to do with the fact coins get really bulky fast so it is hard to make a wallet that stays thin enough for a back or side pocket while holding coins. Personally, I hate carrying coins and usually get rid of them at the earliest opportunity. That’s why there are coins in my desk drawer at work, the cup holder in the car, and a good stash at home. Sometimes the tip jar if I feel it is warranted. Thanks for reminding me, I really need to cash in soon!

Can someone tell me how these can retail for $60? They look no better than a velcro wallet i would buy for my 7 year old.

I second this motion. I’ve found that the ones that do have an ok spot for coins end up getting torn up by the bulk and awkwardness of moving/stacking coins anyway. It was at that realization that I started avoiding change whenever possible. (Most often I give it to the homeless dudes. When they’re not greedy ars-hats.)

It’s the brand. Though I’ve never heard of it myself (perhaps it’s bigger overseas?) they seem to be a name, like Michael Kors or something. Their bags are sold in little branded protective bags, and it looks like some of these wallets come in a little branded box. (That’s a higher-end thing, apparently. Or at least according to a woman I work with.)

I bought one of the canvas totes they’ve had in three or four side sales here. I got it specifically because it’s not leather, which seems to be the AVI-8 thing. It’s quite a nice bag, actually. But I’m not the kind of person who would ever buy a $125 bag, so I have no idea how it matches up to bags at that price. For $35, I’m happy.

I wish Woot would make an attempt to market these things how they’re meant to be marketed. It’s a selling point that they’re “imitation” leather. They’re vegetarian friendly, certainly, and probably even vegan. Finding nice vegan accessories is not easy! Lumping it in with leather wallets is like throwing a buffalo nickel in a jar of yesterdays nickels and saying “nickels for sale”. Sure, they’re all nickels, but you’re missing the point!

The BEST wallet I have EVER owned is made of recycled tire tube by some women in South America. I think I paid more for it that these, but it holds up, looks like fine black leather and is unlikely to slip out of a pocket. The slots inside for credit cards, etc, do not stretch so nothing has ever fallen out if the wallet is upside down. Do a little searching and you will find them.

Because there’s nothing exclusionary about the color pink? Regardless, this copy isn’t up to woot’s usual standards.

There are now tons of bags made of recycled inner tubes. I have three: One big all-purpose bag and two identical smaller ones for days when I carry my laptop and stuff and the other for a tablet day.

These were acquired when my two white cats decided that black ballistic nylon computer and camera bags were just oh so comfortable to nap on.

Some bags for women are quite elegant-looking and will never wear out. My bags are more unisex and one even has the logo “Uniroyal” showing on it!

Bags are made in India and South American via programs for impoverished women and the boutique ones are made in US galleries by Etsy type sellers.

I saw a wallet sold at a home-improvement store for $15 that was supposed to cure back pain caused by sitting crooked on a too-thick wallet.

They had a little diagram on the back showing how the guy’s butt-cheek on the left side was raised up, causing spinal alignment problems. I am not making this up.

I bought my wife a bag and wallet made out of recycled seat belts. She loves it and gets compliments almost daily. I got it from Harveys