Men's & Women's Athletic Apparel

Torque shirts run big. I bought a large expecting it to be just slightly oversized, comfortable fit, like my normal large shirts I get at stores. This thing was a parachute for me. Great material, awesome shirt, but its ginormous.

I need pockets with my shorts and these deliver! in for three!

Do the women’s running pants have zipper closures on the bottom or are the slits? Couldn’t find reviews and am also wondering if they fit true to size or run big/small.

The photos look like there’s zipper closure. As for the fit, I’m not sure. Hopefully someone who has purchased these can chime in on that.

Do the leaping cat t-shirts run large, small, or true to size?

Does anyone know if any of the FILA shorts have pockets?

Look for “Onseam pockets” in the features. That means the pocket added to the side seam.

How thick are the shorts? Are the opaque?

I’m using this as a gym bag. It’s just the right size, not too big and it fits in the locker.

Nice quality feel too.

Highly recommend if you’re looking to down size from the jumbo sized bags, and just need to carry the basic change of cloths to the gym.