"Mentions of Honor" offered overnight shipping, not honoring it!

Yes, I’ve contacted member services. Just rattling this cage!

Side Sale items do not ship out until a week after the sale is over. All of them. Every single one. Ever (not that that’s a long time). At the bottom of the main Mentions of Honour Sale page, within the giant grey box, under the large headline that says “Shipping Info,” it states “[t]hese heroes of Derbies gone by will be shipped to you on July 6!” In addition, every single individual shirt’s sale page has a large orange box up top, directly under the design photo, that states “[t]hese heroes of Derbies gone by will be shipped to you on July 6!”

Thus, your overnight order should arrive July 7th.

I know that there’s some sort of glitch on which the dev’s are working that shows overnight as actually overnighted from whatever date of purchase in the drop-down menu during actual purchase, but that is not the case. I’m pretty sure woot doesn’t even start printing anything until the week-long sale is over and all orders are in and accounted for, thus shipment a week after the sale is over.

Most excellent answer. And yes, the fix to the shipping date promise is in the works.

Back in the works. Because I thought you had this solved before Amazon outsourced you to the cloud.

Fine. Though I can’t argue with ThunderThighs that it is a “most excellent answer” completely, such a “glitch” is still misleading if offered by the same ordering system when this is clearly cough an exception.

…And it shipped! Thanks for letting me rant…it’s a rarity, I promise.