Mentions of Honor

Very happy to see Ghost in the Machine printed here. Bought 2!

Sweet! I was going to ask Robbie Lee to let us know when that collab of his and Oddroc’s printed. I guess the only waiting I have to do now is for Subterranean Homesick Blues to ship.

I am SO excited that 14 Karat Gold is being printed, I’ve been wanting it SO bad since I first saw it.

I love you Woot.

I got 2 :heart:

I should add that I also adore DianaSprinkle for coming up with it :smiley:

This is pretty much what I came in here to post.


Yes! 14 karat! I was so bummed when that one did’nt print. I’m digging the ghosts in a machine too.

Keep calm… a joke about whales? My first thought was hitchkiker’s guide to the galaxy, what with the no panicking, and the towels and the falling whale.

I don’t understand. A lot of these are better than the shirts we have been getting for the last week and a half, they get an honorable mention special, but they are MORE expensive because they didn’t make the cut? You’re slipping woot! I’d like to see $10 shirts again. $12 is still reasonable sure, but put honorable mention specials at $10 and you would make your community very happy.

This is def a Hitchiker’s reference!

Congratulations to all of the artists!

Starting numbers are obviously zero for each shirt; ending numbers will not be available.

Golden Ratio would be SUCH a GOOD hoodie. Zippered, design on back or top-left of front. I like my shirts a little bolder and my hoodies a little subtler.

Love it. Ghost in the Machine!

So thrilled to see 14k Gold finally become a shirt, and it totally just killed me “You don’t need any more t-shirts” attempt.

Thanks Woot!!!

Congrats Everyone :slight_smile:

Hmm, I really like the Flight of the Golden Fish, but am worried about the metallic ink. Has anyone seen a shirt with that? I’m think it will be really gaudy.

So now it’s just a complete screw you with the no long sleeves thing. I promised my husband I would only keep 50 t-shirts at a time but the long sleeves open up a whole new world since I can argue they are not t-shirts. I am currently 3 over and I can’t push my luck. :confused:

Came to post this, pretty much. I’d LOVE this on a nice zip hoodie :smiley:

Yeeeh! I’m very happy to be part of this special sale. Thanks Woot!