Mentions of Honor

Grats everyone- pretty rad choices.

Yup, pretty epic choices! Nice variety. Congrats to all…

Are these being printed on Anvil blanks?

Kudos for finally putting it eloquently, Woot writers. As anyone who’s been around here long enough knows, there’s no linear correlation between derby votes and resulting purchases.

I am somewhat surprised to NOT see @baybei as the first sucker for the two catshirts, though.

Barring any inventory surprises, yes.

Hooray, Powerprez!! I had given up on getting one of these. Thank you for printing it!

I was really happy to see this during the woot detour. I love this shirt. The shirts lately have not been anything I’d consider buying. Thanks for making this design available.

I have a cat that loves to travel. Too bad there isn’t a pet version of this shirt!

I am noticing a BBT trend going on

It’s Daylight Saving Time, not Daylight Savings Time.