Menu Wine Thermometer

That’s a really concise description.

Can I wear this like a bracelet to check my own temperature?

This is bizarre, yet I actually think I want!?!?

This is an interesting item. I like gadgets but I’m afraid there’s little use for this. I would imagine this would only fit bottles of this type e.g. Cab, Shiraz, maybe some Merlot. Definitely not many of my tasty PN. I can’t justify purchasing this if I can only use it on certain bottles. If it were resizable like a true belt, maybe.

And what’s with the 2 day woot-off? INSANITY!!

Now that I own an actual Wine Thermometer, I guess I should google what wine temps should be!

Oh man…I thought it was actually the wine. Too early for me!

Menu Wine Thermometer
$14.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: New
1 Menu Wine Thermometer

Messaging the code monkeys about the description.

I actually like the description. Short and to the point.

Awwww… I got really excited when I saw the EHP! And then sad. Again.


zo m g., this is going to take foreeeever

This reminds me…I should really drink some of the 5 bottles I have left…Hmmm…

Seems useless to me. Is bottle temperature representitive of wine temperature? Maybe it is or maybe not, but the lack of any detailed description doesn’t help make my decision.

If I put the bottle in the freezer to chill it quickly, where will it get the reading from - the freezer air; the glass? I think if I decide to have a bottle of wine, I’ll pull it out of my termperature controlled chiller with the assurance that the wine has reached the temperature of its environment.


I thought so, too. I thought it was an accurate visual representation of what your eyes will look like if you imbibe too much of the wine at a perfect temperature. Or imperfect temp. Either way.

BOOOOOOOO… no EHP with it. Sigh… these make great gifts, in for 3.

Looks like you can’t change the battery… Gotta hope that it’ll work for a while.