Menu Wine Thermometer

> You don’t get the wine, but you do get the thermometer.

No wine, no deal.

Menu Wine Thermometer
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Looked in CellarTracker, but just couldn’t find it!

Someone buy these so we can get to good stuff! I can’t justify spending $20 on something I don’t need

You mean not every wine is served ice-cold right out of the fridge? Who’da thunk? :slight_smile:

thats funny, i just had holiday provisions for the first time last night, it was excellent, but this is a listing for the thermometer and i have no comment on it :\

Does anyone have a chart for optimal temps for different types of wine? Knowing the temp doesn’t do me much good if I don’t know what I’m wanting it to be in the first place. :slight_smile:

Great for knowing the temperature…of the actual glass bottle! Not sure the temp is always the same inside. Anyone?

Glass is an insulator so it might take a few minutes for the glass to reach the same temperature as the wine within. I will experiment when I receive this, placing a thermometer inside the wine bottle and the Menu thermometer on the bottle; noting any differences or delays.

No chart, but my rule of thumb is that whites are generally best from about 45F - 60F and reds from about 55F-70F. Also, lower quality whites tend to have less than desirable traits nicely masked at lower temperatures. If it’s really nice white wine, it usually tastes best to me at “out of the fridge approximately 30-40 minutes” temperature…whatever that is.

I have two wine thermometers in my cellar that have never been exposed to wine. People gave them to me. nice little wooden cases WTF

Please buy these as gifts for all your wino friends buy lots of them quickly.


Handy dandy Soprexa pocket chart:
[]Dessert Wines/Champagne/Sparkling Wines: 42° to 49° F
]Rosés/Dry Whites: 50° to 53° F
[]Ideal Storage Temp: 54° F
]Light Bodied Red Wines: 54° to 58° F
[*]Full Bodied Red Wines: 59° to 68° F

And the temp on the outside should be about the same as the inside of the bottle. Could be slightly warmer (.5 degree) on the outside, but shouldn’t make that much of a difference.

Yep, I typically adhere to the “Rule of 20” - take white wines out of the fridge 20 minutes before drinking, and put red wines in the fridge 20 minutes before drinking. It usually ends up being closer to 30, because, like you, I like my whites a little warmer, and my fridge kind of sucks. But that generally works pretty well for my purposes.

We have one of those fancy Peltier-system wine chillers, but it takes literally hours just to chill a red down from room temperature, so it doesn’t get used a lot.

If you put this on your forearm, will it tell your skin temperature, or just tell everyone you’re a dork?

gives temperature suggestions for different varietals. Maybe you can get an average for blends :wink:
Still hot here.

Is this is Celsius or Fahrenheit version?

Good question, but I can assure you that it is NOT kosher.

Red wine really opens up just before it hits the gas state. So, I like my reds at about 75 degrees celsius, which is close to what the picture shows.


How about gluten?