Menu Wine Thermometer

Way to throw in the towel on The Climber, guys.

Who wants to measure the temperature of the menu? GUFFAW.

What if I want the wine, and don’t care what temperature it arrives at?

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Cruel trick…

I just saw Mill bought one!!!
Wonder if he/she even read - or just bought!

So everyone who went in on the TLC, buy this so you know when its ready to serve!

Ranked #8 in top wine gadgets in 2007 by amazon
Link Here

This is like getting a phone call from the one that got away to tell you that your best friend has died.


Just when I thought it was safe to go to bed, safe in the knowledge that I wouldn’t be missing anything during the night, Woot gives ups and pulls the plug on the climber.

Thanks for nuthin’ guys! :slight_smile:

-edit: I have no idea why Woot is intentionally misspelling “t h e”.

Should we take bets on what’s next?

I’m going to guess 8bit vinters.

can be used as a …(aka rooster) ring? looks like oregon and texas are hot on this one. i say just tell her to touch it and then, well…

Woot is changing the spelling of the (teh) and i s (iz) –

a clue to what is coming next?

Oh - I need to bust out the scrabble or inzinerator - see if I can decipher izteh or tehiz.

Crafty Code Monkeys - playing with us drunkards…

I must be drunk, because it looks like this wine comes with a free thermometer! Score! Can I re-use it?

any hope for cheez?? :\

…writeup typo… TOO humble…

Perhaps in the Rhine the monks were Teu humble??

Good Lord, someone please finish off this beast so I can see what’s next and go to bed in peace.