Hooray for my friend Matt! And hooray for me, the first wooter to get in on this awesome shirt!

(Already bought a Voltron Cats from TT, though.)


Fun lines and great perspective!
congrats Matthewart

more robots should be kitty shaped :cat2:

The Cats made me buy it!

(Congratulations! I’ll be chuckling all day.)

Those feet though, haha! Congrats!

I just heard about Gear yesterday. I haven’t read it yet, but I love Doug Tennaple; kitty robots are never a bad subject.

Congrats Matthewart, nice work!
I love Doug TenNapel’s work as well, so I highly recommend you watch the old Nickelodeon cartoon he created called “Catscratch” if you haven’t seen it. It’s seriously underrated and sadly died in hiatus hell after just 20 episodes.

Damn you wootmob:( My order was processing when I was so rudely informed that everyone loves this shirt as much as I do…