Mercury Luggage

So does the black one not have a handle on the side for easy carrying? I see it on the camo one but that one is ugly as sin.

As a mother of a college boy (would be senior but going for minor as well), I can tell you that you’ll want something for the kiddo to store stuff in under their bed. Store towels, comforter & coat during hot weather, etc.

When I was in college, I had a thing to store towels and coats and extra clothes under my bed. It was called a pile. Kids these days are spoiled.

ROFL. My kid rarely cleans and those dorms are dusty for some reason. It’s nice to keep them closed up and clean.

So, wait, is this rated to be used as airport check in luggage?

I’d not at all trust for airport checking.

Also, $36 @ Walmart:

28% cheaper.

I have actualy bought many of these over the years for my neices & newphews. It solves a LOT of “she got into my stuff” arguments, especially with younger siblings. I talso makes a decent end of thebed bench for putting on shoes & stuff in children that are light enough to set on it.

Looks like most of them are on Walmart’s site for cheaper. Good catch.

– Correction –
Most are on Walmart’s site, some cheaper and more colors available.

Storage locker I’ve purchased at Wmart in the past (pressed-board or thick cardboard) was not nearly as sturdy as this appears to be, so be careful there. The all-plastic Contico has worked well for my needs. I can’t get to mine to check for sure, but I believe it will protect items inside from several inches of flood-water (friends recently suffered from $$thousands damage when their basement flooded - cardboard & shallow plastic boxes all let water in).

I had a trunk that I took to college and it just because a place for junk to pile up. (I was not at all organized.) It was nice for moving in and out, toss it in the trunk and you are good to go. However, spend the extra money for the wheels, trunks get heavy very quickly.

I have a trunk that I got for college and it was wonderfully handy. I now use it for storing out of season linens and I can’t imagine not having it but it is starting to show signs of wear. I would love to replace it but I don’t think these are big enough. And they do weigh a lot when they are full.

Hello all. I wanted to share some information that we just received from Mercury Luggage when we asked them about the Walmart version of the locker above.

30" Barracks Trunk is different than the one linked above at Walmart. The Walmart one has no lining (exposed wood), no stays, no other features. Ours is fully lined and upgraded as is the Barracks Camo trunk. These are sold to the military.

31" Trooper is a 31" oversize wheeled locker with an upgraded covering.

**30"Campus **for us is a fully lined 30" locker with a lid stay and heavy nickel trim and hardware. We are the only ones with the green and peace print at this time.

16" Graduate Cubes are a new item and we are one of the few to offer it.

Hope this information helps.

What, no one’s going to make the obligatory Harry Potter references? Fine, I’ll do it:

Buy this for your kids! Let them reenact their favorite scenes from the Harry Potter Books/Movies/Other forms of entertainment such as:
Running full speed into a train station wall!
Digging through a pile of huge books and random clothes to pull out your “Invisibility Cloak” (I.e. a sheet) and run around saying “You can’t see me!”
Being stuffed into these foot lockers by bullies.
“Borrowing” your friend’s dad’s flying car, crashing it into a tree, then getting the crap beaten out of you by said tree while trying to get your Mercury Luggage out of the car in said tree.

Anyone else having childhood flashbacks (except you muggles: ***FORGETTUM IMMEDIUM!***)

I am also interested in baggage handling durability for these trunks.


I was hoping this was Phoenix Mercury licensed gear, which would be odd and only be sold to five women in Flagstaff.

does it actually lock, or is that just for looks?

Post Office Worker here, I see a lot of the military storage lockers come through for shipments when people PCS/Move. These things are pretty tough and will most likely last your entire life, because if they can survive a trip from Japan to the United Kingdom without looking like garbage, it’s a decent storage container.

I am interested in how these stand up to airline baggage handling as well.

My kids are too young for college, but not for Harry Potter. That was the only reason why I clicked through to review the options. Looking to decorate a child’s bedroom and thought this might fit right in to the HP theme. For very young children, however, I don’t recommend any type of a container that can be latched unless you cut holes into it. It is a safety hazard during hide-and-go seek and other play.