Meridian Red - Four Pack Woot Info Post - it’s what’s for dinner

Meridian Red - Four Pack - $44.99 + $5 shipping

2 * 2006 Limited Release Syrah, 2 * 2007 Limited Release Sangiovese

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Meridian Red - Four Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
2 2006 Limited Release Syrah
2 2007 Limited Release Sangiovese
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I hope it’s better than yesterday’s, which lasted for one offering…

Link to previous offering

Discussion Thread from previous offering

I am new here, what does this mean?

I’m excited but my wallet is worried for this hopeful wine.wootoff

This is probably just a detour, though I’m hopeful I am very very wrong. I was very excited when the Tudor wines came up in an apparent wine.woot off yesterday afternoon, only to find that it was the only bonus deal of the day.

Waiting anxiously…

I don’t know what’s going on…if this is a wine woot-off or not (strange behavior over here yesterday & today), but the description on these wines had me sold…

…AND I CAN’T GET THEM IN MY STATE cries like a little girl


Manos, the hands of fate.

I just bought two new expensive pans yesterday off Amazon because they were on sale and I’ve been dithering about getting them for years. I was able to grab the 270mm shun yanagiba off tacky.woot before it sold out which I don’t technically need but it was 60% off and it’s a terrific knife, Apple’s releasing something today that I’ll probably buy simply because Steve Jobs has my number (it’s a business expense!), and Wine David decides today is the day to have a wine.woot off.

The State of the Union speech tonight better have something in there about improving the economy because apparently I’m spending money like it’s 1999.

Just bought one…these are usually only available at the tasting room and go for $20+/bottle. Not a bad deal!

I bought one the last time it was offered. I’ve opened a bottle of each. Enjoyed it, but it didn’t blow me away.

Totally OT, but I’ve opened a couple bottles of the Havens wine from last month. Really like both the Cab & Merlot! Sad to know they won’t be producing more.

The Sangiovese is actually very good. I opened up the 2005 Pedroncelli Sangiovese last week as a comparison, and preferred the Meridian.
It’s very similar to a Chianti, light and moderately sweet.




My guess from recent wootoffs is that they’re only do wine detours doing wootoffs, to keep the more drunken wooters on their toes

APW and I vol-ratted the syrah, he’s a member of their wine club, and I’ve had a large number of meridian’s reserve wines, both with him and at the winery.

I think these two statements are right on the dot with my experience with Meridian’s wines: they’re not knock-your-socks-off kind of wines, they’re good everyday wines on the fruit-forward side but not overripe and overextracted like I’ve found a lot of Paso wines to be.

Well I hope this is a true wine.wootoff… Even though I’m planning on heading to Amador this weekend to pick up some more wine for my cellar anyways!!

Speaking of, anybody familiar with that area have any suggestions, or even requests? Would be greatly appreciated! Done Napa/Sonoma enough times, it’s time to stay closer to Sactown!

So, you can’t ship to Tennessee anymore? Had one shipped not that long ago. But Georgia is allowed now? Guess I’ll have to have it delivered to my house instead of my work.

Anyone ordered it to Georgia? Any restrictions?