Merleaux Sonoma County Red Blend (5)

Merleaux 2009 Sonoma County Red Blend 5-Pack
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2009 Merleaux Merlot, Sonoma County
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I’m trying to stay on a siwbm, but I remember reading about these. Reviews and age ability?

Oak & notes anyone?


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Here on Veterans day we should all take the time to thank our Vets. Your dedication and sacrifice, some the supreme sacrifice has and continues to insure all Americans live free.

Veterans, Thank You from not only America, but all the Fee World as well.

Veterans Day of course had its roots in Armistice Day marking the end of the Great War—the War to end all wars. Something makes me think we simply need to do better.
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Unfortunately some never learn. I guess Jefferson understood that when he used the word, “Occasionally”. And you are right about “Armistice Day”. For those that don’t know, that came on the 11th day of the 11th month, at the 11th hour. That is the reason Veterans day is celebrated always on November 11th and to be totally correct, formal recognition services, etc., should begin at 11:00 AM

I have to ask about that acronym. What does it stand for ?

Self Imposed Wine Buying Moratorium
and if I didn’t see Sonoma, I’d have guessed paroisse d’Orléans.

What happened to this place? These forums used to be buzzing; it’s 11E and only 5 comments so far, and no one talking about the wine.

Has anyone had this wine? Can you provide any tasting notes? Is the winery around to speak?

Its because VA is not on the list anymore and we are probably a HUGE part of the wine Woot world!!!

Weekends seem to slow down. And I have nothing to add about the wine. Hopefully the winery will show up.

Chris from Merleaux : I guess everyone is sleeping in or watching John Wayne movies for Veterans Day.

About the wine … The most common reaction we get at our tasting room is “it doesn’t taste like a Merlot”. The other varietals we blended make the wine layered and earthly and change the taste and nose away from a typical Merlot. This wine is rich, earthy, a little spice and pepper but not overdone. This is a nice easy to drink wine that pairs with many foods or by itself. Very popular in our tasting room!


Thanks to all former and current Veterans!

Happy Veterans Day!!!

Chris, can you have it shipped in time for Thanksgiving? Darn, that would really be rushing it.

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I cannot guarantee but shipments should go out mid week so 90% chance you will get in time for Turducken Day -unless you are in Staten Island or the Jersey Shore (having lived in the Gulf for years my heart goes out to the folks affected by Sandy)

Hey Chris! Thanks for joining us. I have a question that I don’t mean to be argumentative as much as wine-nerd-conversational. That being said, is what you say here above a good/positive thing? Personally, if I’m buying a merlot, I want to be drinking a merlot. I’m not a fan of Pinot that tastes like Syrah (likely because it is! At least in part.) and I’m not a fan of Chard that tastes like a SB. I completely understand the fight you are probably still fighting on behalf of merlot, but for me, I think wine should be what it is.

I would tend to agree with you, especially with Pinots. Our Merleaux is 75% Merlot, so you are getting a solid base of Merleaux, however, with the varietals we added, the wine tastes more like a blend than a pure Merlot (that may be good or bad). Our goal was to make a fun and interesting Merlot - at less than $14 per bottle for American made Sonoma County wine we hope you will give it a try.

I notice that core Merlot drinkers like this wine and it also appeals to folks that are Zin and Cab oriented as the layers of flavors seem to fit their palettes - that is the common feedback at the tasting room - also they love the label and often give to friends that they shared Mardi gras with.

Alas wine is always in the eye of the beholder or drinker. Please give it a try and let me know what you think!

It has nice numbers. High pH, low-ish alc. %. Any manipulation? Acidulation? Addition of Mega Purple or Red?