Merleaux Sonoma County Red Blend (5)

Thanks. The answers are no no and no. One of the benefits of being a small winery is we always have barrels that we hold back for blending purposes. Eg. We added small amounts of petite Sirah and Syrah for tannin, flavor, texture and color. The two varietals also affect the nose more than others. Hence it doesn’t smell like a Merlot ( good or bad)
Also not sure 14.5% alc is necessarily low - FYI the Merlot was 14.1%. The blenders boosted the overall alc. and added to its richness and layers of flavor. Hope this helps!

you got me-as a Virginian that is going to be in Ga. for Christmas I am ordering-both because it sounds good and also because I can’t order here anymore.

iirc, we had this at the Hallowoot tasting. I think this was among the reds that were more my style (firmly dry, nice tannic structure, good to high acid, etc). However, my notes are about 6500 miles away until Monday night. I guess you’ll have to make do with that.

Opened the first tonight. Nose is merlot, but the spice on the tongue is striking at first. Also the firm tannins. The peppery spice is almost distracting, but I’m thinking I like this, though I keep thinking it would benefit from a bit more time to round off that edge.