Merlo Family Estate Pinot Noir (4)

Merlo Family Estate Pinot Noir 4-Pack
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2010 Pinot Noir, Trinity County
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The rpm tour thread is heating up and deposits are being collected.

For those that earlier expressed interest, time to visit and confirm your interest, and make a deposit if you’re planning on attending.
If you’ll be unable to attend, let us know so others on the wait list can make their plans.

For those that were #47 or higher, we’ve had some drops and it’s also time for you to check in and check your PM’s.

The list should be opening up Tuesday, check in!

Hope to see you there.

I’ve enjoyed all the R Merlo wines I’ve tried, including the 2008 vintage of this PN. Although I recall the oak treatment being a bit heavy, by day 2 it was nicely integrated. If this is similar, might be a good idea to decant or aerate.

I’d love to see another offer for the R Merlo Rosé of Syrah. :slight_smile:

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I too have enjoyed all the R Merlo wines I’ve tried (especially the Syrah) and including the 2008 vintage of this PN offered last June.

The write-up references differences between the '09 and '10 vintages. I don’t recall seeing the 2009 offered here. Did I miss something?

How does the '10 compare to the '08?

The limited specs we have on the '08 and '10 are strikingly similar. I would have thought a greater difference between the two vintages, but would like to hear from the winery.
Agree too on the '08 PN, and have liked the other Syrah and Rosé offerings we’ve had.

Does anyone know how woot ships the wine? I live in Austin Texas and it can be a bit hot for wine delivery, especially if it sits out on the front porch. Thanks

As you are required to sign for delivery of alcohol, how would this ~ever~ “sit out on the front porch”?

Ship to your local FedEx Office and P/U there.

On the home page, there’s a write up on how the wine is shipped with some extra care during the summer months.

Chipgreen, you are right on with the 08 vintage. The 10 is not as heavy with oak but does like to breath. I will see what I can do with another offer on the Syrah. In the meantime I hope you will try our 10 Pinot.



The 10 vintage is going to be a bit lighter on the oak characteristics. We had much better conditions compared to 08 with all the smoke. I feel superior to the 08 vintages.


Our wines are shipped via refrigerated carriers to all parts of the country.


I liked the 2008…could take a bottle or two of this from somebody in LA/SoCal.

The only bottle i have had was the rose from last year which did not wow me. These look interesting but I am not buying for another month or two so maybe in a future woot-off I can get a split.

One I’ll give you, but only after you pay your deposit!
Perhaps two.