meross Smart Dimmer Switch (2-Pack)

meross Smart Dimmer Switch (2-Pack)

Ok, I know it’s early, but lights work on 120 not 240. So is the fourth picture a goof? We have a black, white and green wire. (hot, neutral, and ground) Then there is another wire that looks brown. I am not aware of brown in code, but am aware of red, which is the second phase in 240. So are these lights 240 or what is that wire?

Maybe it’s a 3-way dimmer switch?
That would need 4 wires.
It is not mentioned at all in the description though

Possibly, but they do have a single three way switch that states it. Also the wire diagram for it is different. Anyone from the mother ship want to chime in?

manual is here

the extra wire is because it needs power too, a normal light switch does not. in a normal switch the 2 wire connections are the HOT in and HOT out, no neutral wire, this wifi switch needs the neutral to power the wifi board.


That cleared it up. Black wire is power coming in and brown wire is power going out to the light. Thanks for the link. :slight_smile:

THANK YOU for the sleuthing.

I have been wanting to have a go at a Wi-Fi switch now for a while. I have replaced switches and outlets before with no issues. My switches / outlets only have a black/white/ bare copper wire… So am I good to order these or not? The brown wire confuses me a bit.