meross Smart Plug Mini (3-Pack)

meross Smart Plug Mini (3-Pack)

I went in on this. Been waiting for homekit compatible smart plugs for a while now to come on sale here. $10 cheaper than the amazon listing. Regular pricing is $10/plug for three pack.

Curious: How is this a “good” deal when on Amazon you can get a 4 pack for the same price?

This one?

That’s the older version that does not support Apple Homekit.

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I bought six of these. Three cannot be sync’d at all. These are the newer Homekit ones.

Hi there. Sorry for the problem. Have you contacted Meross to see if they have ideas? You have a 1yr warranty with them. Link is on the features.

I will. But I was hoping that as I continued to deploy them I could send them back to you and get a replacement.

You’re outside our 30 day return period. After than everything falls to the warranty which is Meross for this item.

The link is wrong in the sales page description: is not correct. I will begin detailing my warranty claim adventure here for posterity.

Asking for a current link for the warranty.

Update: Link updated.