meross Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor/Indoor Plug

meross Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor/Indoor Plug

I got 3 of these last time they were on Woot to control my holiday decorations from the 3 separate outlets outside my house. Right now I’m using 2 of them for my Halloween lights & they work great. The Meross app lets you group devices and turn them all on and off together, which is great for outdoor lighting. The only down side when grouping is that you can’t use the “turn on/off x time before/after sunrise/sunset” that is available on a single device. I am happy with these & if I would have more outside outlets, I would buy more.

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Nowhere on the product does it say max load 15amps. It only says 10 but on the description it says max 15. Should I just load 15amps on there and see how fast it burns up? I go crazy with Christmas lights and need 15 amps.

  • 10A max. load for single socket
  • 15A max. load for two sockets

Ok. When my outlet and this thing ignite it’s on you