meross Smart Wi-Fi Waterproof Plug

meross Smart Wi-Fi Waterproof Plug

No Apple Homekit support? No sale.

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Tried to log in with amazon to get the “prime free shipping”. Pop-up comes up, information entered and then nothing. Tried going several different routes (including logging in to woot first, etc). Still not able to do it without paying the shipping. I have the garage door opener version of this product, so I would be a buyer here. Already wasted about 5 mins and now more time commenting.

Are cookies enabled? Oh, and are you using an ad-blocker?

Also, try logging out of woot first and then log in using the “Login with Amazon” button.

Are the outlets on the same switch? Like can one be on and the other off?

It looks like you can. interesting…

That’s what the features state: “You can schedule each socket to turn on and off automatically.”

Yes. And no…pop-up blocker was enabled, but turned off both once and forever. Still no dice.

Tried that as well. I promise, this is not my first or even 100th time…

Browser? App? Mobile site?

Could you try another browser or device?

If no luck, send me a screen shot so I can see it.

NOTE: It does take the Amazon widget about 5 seconds to populate the address/payment boxes.

Tried initially with Edge…Switched to Chrome…Was able to order. I should have tried that originally. Thanks for the suggestion!

Whew. Yeah, Edge can be weird.