MERRELL Men Moab 2 Defense Tactical Boot

MERRELL Men Moab 2 Defense Tactical Boot

The ad mentions side zipper available, but I see no place to order it??

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Argh, it stopped at 14W :frowning:

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Does this boot have A zipper, or not? In the description it says it has a zipper. In the photos, the zipper is missing. Which is it?

Horrible boots. I had a pair of these boots and the eye-hole fabric loops for the shoelaces wore out after 2 months. or wear. There is no way to repair this. Stay away !

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Good grief, them’s pod feet! Are you looking to buy shoes for the Lunar Lander?

(Heh. I feel your pain. I’m a 13EEE myself…)

Mm, thanks for that. I hadn’t noticed the cloth loops, and was thinking of going to Amazon to see if they had them in black.

Look like pretty good reviews on Merrell’s website…

No Zipper

Sorry for the confusion. We are not offering the zipper version of the boot.

Of course if you wear combat boots, you know where to buy them. LAPG has these for less, and any number of better boots for ~$40. Meh.

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Love LAPG!

I tend to wear high boots because of ankle problems. What’s LAPG? My current beloved Caterpillar (Yes, same as the bulldozer company) are both wearing out and no longer available.

lapg is the top hit in giggle when you search for lapg. HTH, HAND

Oh hai. How was the semester? Haven’t seen you since Christmas break!

What are you going to do on Spring Break?