Merry Christmas


This Christmas has been the happiest ever for me.

I even scored 2 three item B O C 's tonight.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a House burning down!

Ahh crap - that was the quiet part loud again …


Congrats and Merry Christmas to You~!


You hardly ever show up and you got crap? Unfair.

Merry Christmas DM!


I have no crap.

Last years’ Christmas Crap was truly crap.
I hope this year’s is better.



You must have 2 accounts with 2 different CC’s
What a lucky Wooter!

Merry Christmas to all!
(I missed this thread last night)


No I don’t


yes he does


No - No I don’t


Yes, you most certainly do!


Quiet you…


We managed to get thru twice among the three computers we had going. We are 3 people though, not a split personality.


Happy Boxing Day!


Never understood the alure of Boxing Day!?!


We spend our honeymoon in Toronto (Toron’o if you’re there) over Christmas that year. Just try to find something open on Boxing Day - spend over an hour just to find a place to eat (probably different now just like here - someone wants to make a holiday buck$)


What is Boxing day? Who celebrates it?


England and most of its former colonies . . . I still don’t understand what it’s all about . . .


Canada and UK celebrate it - December 26th - origins are disputed, it depends on who you talk to:
more here


Missed this yesterday. Merry Christmas DM. Rub Spirit’s ears for me.


I’ve been in England for a few Boxing Days. Quite fun. Got together with family friends, ate, hung out.

I always heard that it was to return boxes, but that could be myth. Looking at [link=]wiki[/link] tends to confirm that.


Heh - Spirit’s ears get rubbed often - He’s a most awesome pup.

He’s only got one flaw. If he visits a home where other dogs live, he tags furniture.

If there are no dogs - He’s perfect.

I have absolutely no clue on how to break him of that. I need to cause the neighbor down the street loves having him over to play with their rott, but won’t pay attention to me when I say “outside only”.

I’m pretty sure he tagged the couch in their house, and their Rott tagged the same spot after he did. They either haven’t noticed or won’t complain.