Merry Pet Habitat Chicken Coop

I bought one last year. While I appreciate the cuteness, so much of the wood feels like balsam wood. I have had to reconstruct both roofs. And I have had to fortify the base several times. Just be aware you are not buying a quality chicken condo. But, my ladies seem happy in it until I can afford the $1,500 mansion I have my eye on!

Does this coop have a poop catcher?

I bought one of these at the end of November. I wasn’t able to ‘attempt’ to assemble it till yesterday. THIS IS GARBAGE!!! It’s poor, cheap materials, several of the pieces were broken, the instructions were poor and it does not go together square. My son (who does construction) assisted me with it (Thank God) and for the money I spent he was appalled at how cheap and poor quality it is. Because it’s past 21 days, I cant return it. It would be impossible any way because you have to tear the packaging apart to get the pieces out. I would NOT recommend this garbage. In the spring, I’ll be building a bigger, nicer one of quality for less money than this.