Merry Pet Products

A word of caution. If your small pet is a scent hound, cedar can disrupt their sense of smell. It will return once the cedar is removed. Bedding stuffed with cedar chips is a big no-no for scent hounds.

I don’t own this, but the base looks WAY too small and this will topple over, scaring the cats from using it.

> Human, I protest. I am NOT a merry cat.

…all right. Who else loved that episode of Star Trek. :smiley:

Litterbox Cover has a decent rating on Amazon. Lots of good reviews, and $20 cheaper through Woot. Hmmmm

I have one of these and I absolutely love it. It is so nice not to have to have a litter box just sitting out in the middle of my den. (I don’t have a lot of places to put one, so den it is!)

My one problem is that my bigger cat sometimes leaves her rear end hanging out of the door and pees down the front of it. It is starting to fall apart now because of that.

But it isn’t the product’s fault my cat is dumb. In fact, I might be buying a new one right now because I still like the thing and I want one that isn’t rotting.

I’m looking at the dog house with the deck on top. It’s so adorable, I wish I had a smaller dog.

Don’t tell him I said so.

Looking at the cardboard filled cat bed/scratcher. My cat quit scratching on everything else as soon as I got something similar to this product with the cardboard filler. $10 at Walmart for a flat one with a cardboard box surround. The one on Woot is much more attractive, but the cat is going to destroy it so what’s the point in the high price?

Actually, cedar can be toxic to small animals. It’s a no-no for bunnies and hamsters. Mixed studies about toxicity for dogs and cats, but why take the chance when there are other options?