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RE: Merry Products MPG-ACT04 Picnic Table and Bench

Can we please get some clarification on the specs? Is that in bench mode? Table mode? Specifically:

What are the dimensions for the seats in table mode? What are the dimensions for the table in table mode?

What are the dimensions for the seat in bench mode?

Thank you very much!

According to Amazon:
Bench measures 54"L x 27"W x 33"H
Table measures 54"L x 57"W x 30"H

Thanks, manhandsha!

Indeed! I just so happened to remember answering that question about a month ago. :slight_smile:

I had asked the question on the previous sale, but mainly wanted to know about the actual table top dimensions, to make sure it would hold a portable grill I had. The table top dimensions are 18.5in x 54in.

Also, what are the dimensions of the table when it’s in beat mode?

Is there an instruction manual somewhere for these chairs?

If you’re missing the instructions, try contacting Merry Products. They should be able to help you.