Merry Products

$144 on Amzn and very mixed reviews about the quality.

…and it is posted as 169.99 for the list price. So what is correct?
Woot seems to be getting more hinky with their list prices and supposed great deals.

Yeah, this deal sucks. I mainly come to woot these days to laugh at what Amazon has turned this site into. What a turd.

I believe “list” is MSRP. Woot generally has items for about $10 less than the current Amazon price, which is usually well below MSRP already.

The deals aren’t what they once were, but $10 off ain’t nothing. Just be sure to check the Amazon price history before making a purchase.

Boy, you said it! Add 5 for shipping, and you’re looking at a discount site that is truly unremarkable/not noteworthy.

What are the dimensions of the table surface on the Merry Products MPG-ACT04 Picnic Table and Bench? I have a portable grill which the feet are 12in. X 29in, and curious if it would fit on the table surface.

Found this on Amazon; it has the bench specs in addition to the table specs that we have in the Specs tab:

Bench measures 54"L x 27"W x 33"H
Table measures 54"L x 57"W x 30"H

Thanks. But, I was wanting the surface area of that table top itself. Those measurements are for the area it covers. I think I found it on the Amazon page in the Q&A. This answer (if correct), gave me the information I needed: “The table top is 19” across, 54" long."

Just got my “patio cooler”, please inspect your packages immediately.

One side of the cooler where the handle is attached was broken, not from shipment, as box is double if not triple corrugated cardboard and no indentations on the outside.

Very disappointed, so much for this valentines day gift.