Merryvale Napa Valley Medley



detailed winemaker’s notes, click on each of the 4:


Note that all but the Sauvignon Blanc will not reach their peaks for a while and are very “cellarable”.

They all sound like terrific wines.


Could only find two prices:

2002 Reserve Merlot: 34.95
2005 Sauv. Blanc Juliana 21.95


I think we can all say “Thank You” for bringing us a great variety. Now, my only problem is how EXPENSIVE it is compared to past woots.


I"m in! Merryvale is one of my favorite wineries and this “Medley” is great. I"m really becoming a Carneros Chardonnay fan…I think this will live up. WOOT!


2005 Sauvignon Blanc Juliana Vineyards
Napa Valley (Sauvignon Blanc) 750 ml, $22.00

2003 Chardonnay Reserve
Carneros ~ Los Carneros (Chardonnay) 750 ml, $29.50

2003 Syrah
Napa Valley (Syrah / Shiraz) 750 ml, $35.00

2001 Merlot Reserve (I’d expect 2002 to be the same price, as per speedoo’s post)
Napa Valley (Merlot) 750 ml, $35.00

~$122 if bought retail from the winery.


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Merryvale Napa Valley Medley
$79.99+ $5 shipping
condition: Aged
product(s): 1 Merryvale 2002 Reserve Merlot, 1 Merryvale 2003 Reserve Chardonnay Carneros, 1 Merryvale 2003 Syrah Napa Valley, 1 Merryvale 2005 Sauvignon Blanc Juliana Vineyards


Ya know…When this all started I would have said that I wanted a variety each time. HOWEVER…As I’ve gotten more into this, one of the things I’ve really enjoyed is opening a bottle, tasting how it changes over the minutes/hours since being opened and also how it is affected from sitting for a day or two, etc. Essentially, it tells me how good it will be in the future, etc. I then have 2-3 more bottles that I can open at a later date based on the tasting and could potentially have an amazing wine down the road. Gotta love that.

Let’s say I bought this week’s offering, which I won’t becuase I really don’t want any whites…I’d either have to cellar the reds or try them. And, I could only make that choice once since I only had one of each.

I REALLY like getting 3-4 bottles of the same wine. For me, that’s been the best part.

PS#1 - If the Merryvale winery gets on the board, let me know if I could get a deal on a set of 3/4 of either of the reds…Send me a PM or something if you want.

PS #2 - I went to Barboursville Winery (here in Virginia) over the weekend. Got to sample about 16 wines for $4. I ended up buying 4 bottles of their Merlot that we thought was outstanding. I also was able to re-affirm that I do not like Whites. :wink:


Fantastic buy from a highly reputable winery up in St Helena. Have no fear as these varietals have been consistently wonderful over the years and this is a great opportunity to become familiar with them as there is something here for everyone. The grapes are sourced from some of the most highly sought after single vineyards in the region, resulting in complex yet very approachable wines that are enjoyable now but even more rewarding with cellaring. My pallet has had many opps to party with Merryvale over the years so I can confidently say this is a can’t miss and an excellent a case buy! I excitedly await mine…


I was fortunate enough to go to a wine dinner six months back that showcased the Merryvale offerrings. Everyone at our table was very impressed with the four wines that we were able to try. I don’t recall the vintage/varietals offhand unfortunately but I would buy with confidence the Merryvale product again.


Generally speaking, 2002 was a much more fruit forward year than 01. I don’t know about the whites as I seldom drink them, but as to the reds most napa stuff from 02 probably isn’t long term cellarable. Rather enjoy them now, or over the next couple of years. I’ll be passing on this woot as this woot doesn’t seem quite as good a deal. We’ll known wineries seldom give smoking hot deals.

Just as an aside, I have taken my Mc Rostie Syrah to a blind tasting and enjoyed several bottles with friends, that wine blew everyone away for the price, Thanks woot!


The description states this can be purchased in New Jersey. When I attempt to purchase I am given this error.

Sorry, we can’t ship this item to that state.

Is the description wrong or is the checkout form wrong?

Please Respond.


same thing with Indiana


Hold tight. this should be fixed in a minute for NJ, IN, MA and AZ. Thanks for your patience.


Whoops! Apologies to all the Arizona, Jersey, Indiana and Massachusetts oenophiles - you’re back on the list of legitimate wine-receiving states.


I am by no means the grammar police, but since it’s wine relevant, the word is palate. (A pallet is a crate holder for forklift, a pallette is where an artist mixes his paints).

FOCUS: I agree with the above poster about enjoying multiples of the same bottle. It’s also easier to split an order of the more expensive wines. However, if patten holds, I’ll probably look at this offer everyday until I have to buy it on Thursday.


I am by no means the grammar police but the word is “pattern.” Patten is one of many forms of wooden soled footwear, a patent is a grant made by a government that confers upon the creator of an invention the sole right to make, use, and sell that invention , and Patton was a WW2 General noted for his military success and gruff demeanor. :slight_smile:


these sound really neat, and i’m glad to see the variety packs. not into the recommended cellaring times, though. i’ve no idea where/what i’ll be doing 5 years from now, and am a little worried about buying wines that i’ll have to take care of in cross-country moves, etc. i do hope more of these great napa variety packs come along.

on second thought, with the legislators in az, it’ll probalby take the full 5 years for the wine to make it past the dummies in phoenix :slight_smile: (edit: where dummies means those in government. sorry if you’re jon kyl)


Another interesting and well-priced wine.woot deal…However, going to pass on this as I favor reds and sparklers over whites which compose half this package…but I have a question…looking at the long-range forecast I see some decline in temperature projected over the next 3 weeks…better for shipping wine than the high 90s which have blanketed much of the country this summer.

That projected decline in temperature, in combination with somehow understanding the timing of shipping so as to order at a time when a shipment won’t sit in a carrier warehouse over a weekend, would make me start to think about resuming ordering as you make future offerings. Snapster or Winedavid or other Woot staff members, can you provide any insight into how it might be possible to assure that an order placed on Monday will likely be delivered by the end of the week to one of the major East Coast cities? Is there any way to find out (or for you to assure) that a particular winery will ship orders the day after they are placed (or hold them for shipping the following Monday) ? Gotta avoid a hot warehouse over a weekend.


Damn, that’s what I was afraid of. I fixed other typos in it too. THanks : )