MeShare 720p WiFi AV Monitoring Camera

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MeShare 720p WiFi AV Monitoring Camera
Price: $29.99 - 49.99
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Can this be used without the app? (With a cable or alt program) Or does it require the app?

The “Compatible wiyh MeShare Cloud - coming soon!” doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence either…

Basically, how married to them am I should their cloud situation fail?

How do these work? Do you have to plug into an electrical outlet so it connects to your wifi?

This looks pretty much identical to the cams sold a couple of weeks ago (with a different stand).

Anyone have info on what model these are exactly, or I guess I should say, is this just rebranded? The software for the other is flaky, and there is no support at all for viewing using third party apps.

I don’t see any keyhole slots or other methods for wall mounting. Too bad because the quality and viewing angle look pretty decent.

This camera requires the Zsight app for setup and to view the live video. There is no data cable that will connect the camera to a PC.

The camera can record to a microSD card, so cloud service is not required.

Yes, the camera comes with a power supply that must be connected to a traditional wall outlet to power the camera.

Does anyone know how secure these cameras are? Or is it just making sure your network is secure? Or both?

Can you view both cameras from the same interface or can you view a split screen of the 2 cameras? Can you add more cameras in the future?

Can they only be mounted indoors? They do not look like they are weatherproof.

Reviews aren’t awful over at the mothership:

I’ll try one…

You can mount the camera. The base of the bracket comes off and has holes for mounting. Anchors and screws are included.

You can add a password to your camera to increase it’s security.

You can have both cameras connected to the same app account, but they will not be on the same screen. You will have to swipe between the two cameras.

These cameras are indoor only.

Mine arrived DOA. Will not power up.

It’s times like this that make me regret buying from Woot. In the old days, when the prices were actually really good, they could justify the “no returns” thing. Now it’s just crappy customer service.

I’m really sorry to hear about your experience. We absolutely do offer returns on defective products. So, if you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.