Messermeister 8” Chinese Knife

Reminds me of too many 80’s horror movies.

HOOOOW did they sell all those bird-fork-knife candle things?!

64 dollars on Amazon, but no reviews.
(corrected to the Park Plaza version)

This might come in handy to cut your hands off and keep you from Woot!ing for a while.

Chinese knife made in Germany?

What will they think of next?

Me, I’m waiting for the German Cleaver made in China

[url=]Cleaver | Messermeister

$100 on the manufacturers website.

$88.47 on Amazon…

OOoooo … the neighbors aren’t going to like the look of this … not at all …

Was this made by Mao Tse-hitler?

I want a nice meat cleaver, but the manufacturer’s site specifically says it is not intended for that use. Certainly looks like a cleaver…

Review from 3rd Party:

Messermeister Park Plaza:

These are one piece stamped knives that are geared toward professionals and those on a budget. We are not overly impressed with this line. The handles are a little cheap and the blades feel a bit flimsy in the hand. Overall we much prefer the Meridian line.

In for two…

I don’t need a special knife to cut the cheese.

I bought TWO!

You’re welcome. :wink:

Oh, and one of these, mostly for home defense.

$112 at Sears. Worth a shot, can’t be worse than the knives I have now.

SO EXCITED! I have been wanting one of these! Great price too.

Ward, I’m worried about the beaver.

Now all you need is one of those Tactical Flashlights coming up in a few minutes and your home security system will be relatively complete.

Just what I was looking for… my state doesn’t have a 3 day waiting period for one of these.

“Hasaan chop!”