Messermeister Cutlery

Who wants to tell us about these blades (in English)? Good investment or stay away?

I’m only interested in the hammer…

Based on some of the reviews it looks like San Moritz is a good choice.

There are 2 5-star reviews for it on Amazon.

There are also 4 5-star reviews for the 10" version

It looks like it could pack a wallop!

German cutlery is going to be solid. They don’t build crappy stuff and sell it to Americans like the Chinese or the Americans. They have a reputation to uphold here.

Direct Translation:
You could of course some of those fancy Japanese Ginsu knife purchase. But let me ask you this. Do you intend to fine you cut a piece of sushi, or want a man-sized knife with a man-sized blade for chopping through an intact beef carcass? Yes? Then you go German or go home.
For obvious reasons you cannot directly translate a language into perfect English grammar but you get the gist of what is going on here

hey woot team. You should let a German write those things. Really… It sounds awful. So maybe not just use an automatic translator and hope for the best.

I own several Messermeister knives and absolutely love them–I actually sold my Wustofs to get more of these. The real advantage is that they use German steel (stronger/beefier than Japanese steel) but put a Japanese edge on them (about 12 degrees as opposed to the standard German 20 degrees). This makes them VERY sharp compared to most German knives but they have the “heft” of traditional German steel that Japanese knives often lack.

bought myself a german meat hammer!

If it’s one thing Germans love…it’s meat hammers…and…
David Hasselhoff

Man oh man! I could really impress folks at a picnic by pulling out that “salmon slicer” to carve up a watermelon!

I thought Hasselhoff was a meat hammer

The top level (before you get to this detail page) blurb more-or-less says:

You couldn’t be more wrong.
Most Germans hate Hasselhoff, and hate this stupid clichee.
Hasselhoff was the only “actor” who had a car that was smarter than him…
He makes Shatner’s acting look good…

Please stop butchering German.
This “Ginglish” hurts my German brain…

id buy one of each if i had the money awesome knives. use them everyday in the kitchen at work

Alright, who wrote the German copy for this? It sounds better than a simple copy-and-paste Google translate, but the word order is all wrong. Like maybe an English speaker with a couple years of German class and a dictionary.

I mean, really Woot, you didn’t happen to have hired a fluent German speaker just in case of a situation like this? :slight_smile:

Ist mir egal, wenn Sie denken, ich bin unreif. Ich kichern immer wenn ich sage das Wort “Fleisch Hammer.” Fleisch-Hammer. Fleisch-Hammer. Ha ha ha.

“I don’t care if you think I’m immature. I always chuckle (giggle?) when I say the word “meat hammer.” Meat hammer. Meat hammer. Ha ha ha”

Thats what she said.