Mestige Shapewear

Hello shapewear!

That image in the middle (Nude Top, black undies) is very insinuating. Don’t stare at it out of focus.

I got a few different mestige shape wear products. The sizing is wildly variable. I can feel like a sausage in a medium of one style and swim in a small of another. The quality is far inferior to spanx, or even that other brand, whatever it’s called, at target. I recommend getting one thing, see if you really like it and if the size works for you, before investing in more. This stuff comes up frequently.

Would this be a good gift for my wife of 5 years…?

Not if you’re looking to make it six years, buddy. Not quite the same vibe as lingerie.

I got a braless dress last time, and as a daily wear piece, it’s held up well and has been comfy. I rarely have to tug it down or make any adjustments during the day.

Do you hate having sex with your wife?

He’s married, what gave you the impression he’s still having sex?

Careful with the jokes guys. I’m sure woot inadvertently made the pics with headless bodies modeling these items. They don’t mean to objectify women.

Also, making jokes about no sex after marriage is disparaging to women and will probably upset the PC police…ya creeps.

/me backs away slowly…

Thank you! I stand next to every word you’ve said. :slight_smile:

NO! Unless she is very matter of fact undies and socks for a gift kinda gal.

Probably, if you pair it with workout equipment and a new dishwasher.

I actually laughed aloud in an empty room at this one…

ditto that

You’re going to need that dishwasher and workout equipment, after the wife leaves.

And a riding vacuum cleaner.

Women… MIGHT actually like that a little too much.

If those existed, I might vacuum more often… especially if I could put mirrors on it so I could see the TV no matter which way I was pointed.

By the way, purchasing a new vacuum anytime in the month of December will get you in just as much trouble as doing it for Christmas specifically… I found that out the hard way once.

Why not just put a TV on the riding vacuum?

I bought the strapless upper body shaper. I got it in the mail today. I ordered a size small and it’s too small. I’m about 5’1" and it’s too long for me! not to mention it was difficult to put it on even though my measurements should work for a small. Now I’m stuck with it…