Metabo HPT 18V Drill & Driver Combo Kit

Metabo HPT 18V Drill & Driver Combo Kit

Just a heads up this company was bought up by Hitachi a couple years ago and then the Hitachi name started to go away. Metabo was actually always a better brand in the past

That being said I have the same driver that this set has. My dad found a deal on it and bought me one to replace my black and decker one I fried driving in 8 in timberlocks. Its a pretty nice tool and works really well. Batteries seem to be just fine to me and it has plenty of power. To me its overall a pretty nice tool that I wouldn’t mind having more from the brand in the future.


I own several Hitachi/Metabo HPT cordless tools in both the 10.8 and 18 volt flavors and like them a lot. Excellent quality and performance. The ones offered here today are the lower end of the 18v line but still very good - these don’t have the new brushless motors and the chuck on the drill is not the all-metal one you get on the more expensive models.

On the plus side, the batteries have always had excellent life, the clutch on the drill is top-ranked, and you get a lifetime warranty on the tools and 2 years on the batteries. Not to mention this is one heck of a price for a new set. Grade A reconditioned this set goes for $100, and new for $180. This would be a great set for the home handyman so I would say that Woot came through on this deal!

Here’s the link for the reconditioned set:

I was just thinking those looked just like Hitachi tools… my experience with Hitachi drills is great tool, terrible charger.