Metal Machine Music Instruments

I can tell you from experience that the Pyle Tenor ukulele belongs in a bandolier of carrots. The bridge was glued on at a 45 degree angle and the fretboard had random glue and paint everywhere built up on the frets. After countless hours of sanding, painting, new tuners and strings it is finally “Playable”.

Stay away unless you’re looking for a project!

Wow! An obscure Lou Reed reference. Save your money and do not buy the album “Metal Machine Music”. I have it on vinyl and yes, it sounds like a broken air conditioner. The Woot stuff for sale is cool.

Trinity River PRB200 Prairie Star Full-Size 5-String Banjo seems to be a great deal but i can’t seem to find reviews anywhere. anyone have experience with this brand?

I hope that I did not get to you to late. Do not buy any of this trash, its all bottom of the line crap that you will regret. I wish Woot! would stop trying to sell this stuff. I will look around and see if I can find one in the same price range and send you a PM.

Well, I guess they did away with PMs. I suggest this and its $40 more than the one offered on Woot but this is at least of decent quality:

PM’s are still available:

OOOOOO, see I was testing you… And you passed.

Does anyone know if this Casio CTK2200 keyboard have Japanese writing on it.?

the Ply Ukulee is absoulte a piece of garbage, and the quality is extremely poor. I can’t believe woot is actually selling this.
The whole thing looks like from the dollar store, and can’t event tune the piece.
Woot Customer Service refused to return the product and want me to contact the manufacturer!

That is ridiculous and this will be my last product I buy from Woot.