Metal Pears Wall Décor

I need more wall art, but I keep telling myself that I can wait until I move.

Sorry, the first image that popped into my mind when I saw this was it sitting on a table at a garage sale. Unsold.

I couldn’t imagine any one wanting this, then saw that ONE had already been sold. Guess that person REALLY likes pears…or has a pear-themed room? I agree about seeing it on the garage sale table. No thanks, Woot.

Can I use this to cut these pears?

So, where’s my metal-fruit-on-the-wall crowd?

I think this crowd, in general, prefers Apples to pears.

I tried doing this with real pears.

I really enjoy metal wall art. But these things are hideous. I’m guessing the majority of the sales are misguided Mother’s Day presents.

As soon as I saw this I had a flashback to 25 years ago when the wife sold Home Interior cra, er, stuff;-]

I think they already bought one.

Those pears would really tie the room together.

I agree. In for 3 sets!

I think for comedic value, you should only be allowed to buy two.

Don’t need no stinkin" wall art but I just wanna tell you guys that I know some people get up every mornin’ and say a prayer, or have devotions, but not me…First thing I do when I wake up is, grab my 'puter and check out woot. You guys make be laugh out loud and nearly pee my pants. Great way to start my day…and sometimes I even buy somethin.

I think a pair of these pears would look great in my kitchen.


These would be lovely at Christmas, or give as a Christmas gift.

Needs a partridge…

The 70s called. They’d like their wall art back.