Metal Space Saver (Your Choice)

These are kind of a pain to put together. Having a ratchet wrench is necessary. I did not have one when I put together the first one (I bought three). It took me 3/4 of a day to put together, mostly because I kept putting things together out of order or wrong and had to undo everything a few times. Which really sucks if you don’t have a ratchet wrench and just use the tools they provide you. That first one is still only 85% together as I again had to take it apart to put the leveling feet on. The “directions” show them going on last, but there is no room to lift the unit to put them on the cross bar hits the connection to the water. It just didn’t work in my downstairs bathroom.

About three weeks later I had forgotten enough about the first one to try again on the second unit I had. This one went much smoother. I had a ratchet wrench and I also learned from the first one. I may get to finishing up the first one this weekend, and may feel confident enough to put together the 3rd and final unit I bought.

I probably would buy these again, now that I actually know how to put them together and have the right tools. They are very sturdy.


Ok, so I just got into the 3rd of the 3 units I bought. It is missing one of the bottom corner pieces and I have an extra of the top corner pieces. Why could this not have been the first box that I opened? Argh!

My weekend of getting shtuff done is not starting out well. I know it’s only Tuesday, but the “weekend” starts tomorrow afternoon and I tried to cheat by having this all ready to go for tomorrow afternoon.

Email is off to customer service…I’ll update with what I hear back from them.