*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Feel free to post a picture of your shirt when you receive it!

I don’t like the placement, but I love the art!

Wow, this shirt amazes me! Already in for one! Love the purple on the creme, makes this shirt really stand out to me. Love it!

Great design and even better placement of it!!!


All right, first sucker again!!!

very interesting design, Mathiole!! grats on the print

The pitchfork link is total win. I just hope it drives sales, not pitchfork readership

Does this mean we can type in colors now? ^_~

It’s pretty cool, but my tan will be gone in a month and a half and I’ll look topless in a cream shirt.

I like it. Maybe I’ll wear it to next year’s Renaissance Festival.

Not buying, but I really like this one. I don’t know why. Congrats on the print, Mathiole!

But they will all dig ur tat

Brilliant design. Don’t know about it for myself, but it’s a great shirt.

Congrats! Interesting shirt!

Wow I really like this one, I’ll have to wait til the morning and see if i feel the same though. Congrats on the print!

finally one I can buy

I like this a great deal … the colours, placement, and the art itself. However, not sure if I’m enamoured enough to drop $10 tonight. Will keep my fingers xed I get one of these in a bag of randoms.

No clue what this shirt means but I ordered one, I think I’m up to like 12 woot shirts.

deff maybe i dont know if i should move up and try a x large b/c the large fits fine at first and ok after its washed

“Don’t wear this shirt” should read:

“Don’t wear this shirt: to an airport. Just don’t.”

Wearing this shirt to an airport would be the equivalent of an endorsement for Khamanei. He’s the puppeteer running Ahmadinejad from behind the scenes.

It looks sooo good but it’s cream colored. :frowning: