The more I look at this shirt the more I’m satisfied with my decision to purchase it in about 1 second, then another 3 to hit the buttons. Hope I got the right size :wink:

Everything about this design is sweet, I can’t believe this shirt came up, I was really hoping for something I wouldn’t want to buy tonight but I saw creme and that purple and the placement and bought it right away. I love the creme, even though I haven’t personally seen one yet. I have another one coming in tomorrow with about 4 or 5 other shirts then a few stragglers. So I suppose by tomorrow afternoon I will know how awesome creme color really is on these shirts.

Looks like a 21st century Talmudic scholar to me.

I love this shirt, especially the colors of the design, but creme is a terrible color that I should never wear. Oh the quandary.

Can someone explain what this shirt means.

Awesome, just came home from seeing reznor tonight

I couldn’t agree more. I used to turn to Pitchfork as a source for honest reviews, but now that they’ve conglomerated the reviewing of independent music (Spin isn’t nearly as ‘indie’ as Pitchfork, so don’t even try it) it seems that their reviews have done more damage than good to quite a few independent artists. One could argue that no publicity is bad publicity, and that simply having your album reviewed by Pitchfork is something to be proud of, but when a band works hard for months or years putting themselves out there and building a fan base, and then the know-all, be-all of record reviewers gives your album a 3/10 and warns a potentially large new fanbase to steer clear, yet dozens of smaller review sites sang the praises of the album, I tend to take the debased, profit-driven review with a grain of salt. The problem is that alot of indie kids these days turn to Pitchfork almost exclusively for record reviews, which isn’t healthy coming from a source who’s all about discovering “the next big thing.” And not only discovering it, making a career for it.

Please continue to milk the teets of P4K, woot! Your company has an infinitely more noble business model and a more honest product, and for that I thank you.

I don’t know, but I think it could potentially have a meaningful, meaninglessness about it. How can it be so? Thats why I spent my 10 bucks. Thats why I spent the 10 dollars I’m not even sure if I have in my account because I splurged on shirts and candy and soda all weekend. Thats how meaningless it was to me.

very cool shirt, but i think im spending too much money on shirts lately. i havent bought as many shirts in the passed few years as i have in the passed 2 weeks.

what does the text on it say?

Argh!!! I hate cream… ugh! But bought the shirt anyway, 'cause I like the design. Shirt.woot is an evil post-apocalyptic time traveling entity from the future here to cause ruination to my bank account with shirt colors I detest, but wear anyway, 'cause I like the d**ned design. XP I say this as I listen to The Fragile… what do you mean “post-Reznor”?? Shame, shame. lmao

(off to bed with me!!) >.<

Neat design, and I like the color contrast. But nothing I would wear. Congrats on the print.

There’s no such thing as “spending too much on shirts”, I mean with all the other bull I’ve wasted my money on buying sweet t-shirts I wear everyday and not having to pay 20.00 for them locally or even pay shipping! Sweet. The addiction comes with NEEDING every design you see that you like and not wanting to pay 15.00 for it later… Maybe I’m the only one with this problem, but come on… This is America, so I doubt it!

The fun is refreshing and waiting for that shirt to change to see the new one for the day and try to anticipate colors and such. Of course you’ll always be wrong, and sometimes down right frustrated, but those are the days you get to save, but then you wish you could have spent it. Double edged sword! Anyways, back to the Olympics. I have 6 live feeds going right now and its intense! Table tennis, sailing, handball and baseball! w00t!

Nothing beats closing down 6 live feed windows to make sure you have plenty bandwidth to get your order in fastest if need be on shirt.woot! Especially when those feeds are live Olympic games. Woot first, Olympics later!

Jakey, you’re lucky I had uTorrent active. I couldn’t have been more than 2 seconds behind you. It’s impressive that you managed to pick a size and enter your cvv code in 4 seconds.

bows to speedmaster Jakey

Still, I wanted the little perk that comes with being the first wooter!

This is about Kafka right? Oh college, you were so long ago :frowning:


I’ve been working on it, and as you can see in my last post I prepared. Practice makes perfect, and you don’t have to hit the final button at the end either. :slight_smile:

The perk is mine! Til we meet again!

Oh and I should clear this up, no one notices the “L” in my name… TheJakeyL88… Maybe I should write it like that. But it sounds better than the “Jakey” heh… But its funny I’ve never corrected it for anyone until now.

See you tomorrow night @ 1am first sucker contenders!

Oh, I thought it was Walt Whitman or maybe Dumbledore. It is ruff being unable to sing without fear. I mon want sum ah wha Jakey’s got in his chalice.

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” Friedrich Nietzsche

I’m guessing it’s about philology in music, but I have no idea who’s pictured on the shirt. Perhaps history’s first-noted music reviewer? I dunno…

As nearly as I can tell from my monitor, it appears to be a renaissance-era man in his 60’s, holding an unlabeled song book (in Italian) but metamorphosing into a stereo victrola–even though I don’t think there was ever such a thing as a player with two horns. The man is definitely not Kafka, as he died at 40 in 1924. I suppose you could make a case for him being a mullah, but wouldn’t that require arabic script?

Well I believe you would be disappointed for all you would find is revolution mountain dew! But it does give you the special ability to spend without remorse! Not to mention if you drink enough of it, a comatose state from all the sugar will not allow you to make woot purchases. So, you can decide, but if you choose to have some, you have been warned!