Metra In-Dash Car Stereos With Navigation

The “” website isn’t working for me. Is it working for anyone else?

Not for me. Really want to see if the GM one will fit my 2012 Grand Caravan.

@seraphina I found a cateloge with the different models with more specific information regarding car models:

I was able to find the 2008-2011 Grand Caravan, but nothing regarding 2012 on that link

The Ford one will work with the 2006-2007 Ford Explorer sport trac if anyone else is interested.

These are “direct fit”, but all that means is it will fit the space in your dash. You’ll likely still need the following to make everything work:
-Antenna adapter
-Steering wheel control module
-Door/warning chime retention module

This may add another $100 to the cost.

Also, Amazon has those cameras for the same price. Not so great reviews.

Funny story.

I had a customer come into my shop with one of these about… 2 weeks ago? It was freezing up and rebooting randomly. He just wanted to know if I knew what was causing the problem. I told him I could inspect all the wiring behind the dash if he wanted, as a flaky power connection could cause rebooting…but not freezing. He told me all his connections were soldered and it would be highly unlikely the cause. I agreed and said there’s really nothing more I can do, but just out of curiousity… where did he buy this unit? His reply, “Woot dot com.” I laughed out loud as I KNEW I had seen them up on Woot not but 2-3 weeks before that. We talked about Woot a bit before I bid him good luck.

Moral of the story… think I’d pass on these. Not to mention I’ve had my share of bad electronic interface modules from Metra (XSVI-9003-NAV interface and the Mazda RX8 kit come to mind if you’re reading this Metra).

Metra is working on it. Maybe all the wooters took down their servers. LOL.

Its been down a couple days. I noticed it mid-Saturday at work.

No the GM won’t fit… You would have to use the MDF-6511-2. We are working on getting it handled.

Let me know if I can help… Did you call your Metra rep?

I bought one in the last woot sale for my ford five hundred. I like the interface. But a week after I put it in the GPS won’t load. Then I tried putting a CD in (I know, so 1996, what was I thinking?) and it won’t accept a CD, like its being blocked by something as it gets toward the back. Any help on troubleshooting these, Metra, would be helpful. I’ve already had to shell out to have it installed, so things are getting expensive quickly!

They left the transport screws in the top of the radio. Those will have to be removed.

Make sure you have removed the “shipping screws” that were in the top of the unit (before installing it). Sounds like you have it in the dash already, so you’ll need to pull it back out enough to reach the screws. Once you remove them, you should be able to fully insert a CD.

I bought the GM direct replacement one last time around (about a month ago) for my 2009 Enclave; needless to say, it is in a box and on it’s way back to Woot right now. The unit itself barely fits into the opening, but with the required extra modules for retaining SWC (steering wheel controls) and also OnStar/door chimes/etc, there was no way for me to “comfortably” fit all the cabling and module pieces into the dash unless I started cutting up the dash interior or doing some fancy wiring and long runs to hide the modules in other places like behind my glove compartment.

It’s not a bad unit, but the “direct replacement” IMHO is a bit misleading, since you can’t just swap out the factory one and use the same connections and retain the same functionalities; the additional ~$200 in modules and the space they consumed is what killed this deal for me.

Here you go MDF-6511-2…

Spoke with my car audio guy. Said I should pick up the Ford model asap. So, in for one.

Will the Nissan model work in a 2006 Infinity G35 (or Nissan 350Z)?

Thanks so much!

Why would you want to see if the GM one would fit your Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep vehicle?

Thanks so much! Very helpful and appreciate the quick response! Any thoughts on the GPS? Screen stays on “GPS Loading” White screen. Also, do you happen to know what piece of equipment I will need to connect to my steering wheel controls? I have a 2007 Ford Five Hundred. Thanks Again!