Two and two are four
Four and four are eight
Eight and eight are sixteen
Sixteen and sixteen are thirty-two
Inchworm, inchworm
Measuring the marigold
You and your arithmetic
You’ll probably go far
Inchworm, inchworm
Measuring the marigold
Seems to me you’d stop and see
How beautiful they are

Those silly old worlders and their funny measurements!

Leave it to the Brits to make an inchworm more complicated. :wink:

Congrats on the print, BSWeber!

luckily for the centipede he doesn’t have to do the math conversion.

This would be the main reason to buy this shirt. As a gateway to Danny Kaye OR Frank Loesser.

pretty sure the british use Imperial measurements

had it been spelled “centimetre”, i might have bought this.

Niagara Falls!
Sloooowly I squirm…
Step by step…
2.54 centimeters by 2.54 centimeters…

I think the 2.54 centimeter worm just calls himself that to sound bigger.

I can tell this shirt is made in America.

That is a great point.

… Crap.

They do.

if you cross an inch worm with a tape worm you can get a tape measurer

Fig 3. ((worm with chemist jacket))

127 million atoms worm.

I missed the changing of the guard when I visited London…thanks to this write-up, now I know what I missed.

Dear moderator, my post is mistakenly attributed to BrotherTungsten on the quality posts list. No biggie, just observing. :slight_smile:

Either this shirt is a total screw up or it’s being sarcastic. I don’t get it. Metric measurements are not a British logic.


Imperial units or the imperial system is a system of units, first defined in the British Weights and Measures Act of 1824, later refined (until 1959) and reduced. The system came into official use across the British Empire. By the late 20th century most nations of the former empire had officially adopted the metric system as their main system of measurement.

Alas, that is indeed true.

It’s not that I’m not flattered, darling, but I’d rather my first quality post be of my own devising. I mean, imagine the scandal! I’d hardly be able to open my morning paper for fear of unflattering gossip.