So THIS is where it went! I’ve wondered when I’d spot this on the tee circuit. Congrats!

That poor gnome, where’s that stick going?

I’d say that’s definitely more of a metro-santaclaus.

Fat - check
Long white beard - check
Red-and-white attire - check

The only reason he might be a gnome is because of his pointed hat!

No offense, but are all the shirts on this site mediocre puns? Funny to see, but you wear it and your friends say “Haha. I get it.”

That gnome keeps the rhythm. I don’t want to know where that stick goes though.

David is that you? I used to watch that cartoon every day. I miss my gnomies.

I kind of want one of these as a statue for my garden.

Look at how bushy his eyebrows are! I’m sorry, but that gnome is not metro.

I don’t know khoufu, I’m sure the staff of would love to wear this…

As a music teacher, I love it, but if he’s truly “metro” shouldn’t he have fashionable glasses and a dressy shirt?

ha! and he looks a little like he’s holding up his pants. Nice fuzzy detail on the boots. Definitely a fashion forward metrosexual type of gnome.

Yeah pretty much. Which is why I haven’t bought a shirt for myself since September of last year.

If I wear this shirt can I get some good travel deals?

Will this gnome help me get my travel schedule on time?


As a DC native, I appreciate today’s “Wear this shirt”. I think it should also apply when in Paris.

Tock Tock Tock Tock

had an old wooden pyramidal one with a dial and a flashing light with a Tock Tock Tock noise. Annoying.

Tock Tock Tock Tock

This is the free software version right?

I was just about to comment on the need for pruning those unruly messes.

Definitely agree. I always look at the design before I read the title, and I was thinking… “Santa on a metronome? Why is that funny?”

This is definitely one where it would only really be funny if the title was on the shirt somehow. Otherwise it’s just a “Huh?” for me.

Maybe you just have to live where they have “gnomes” more commonly.