More like metro-GROAN.

The husband is laughing and proclaiming “Never metrognome alone.” Apparently he’s been heavily influenced by Travelocity commercials.

I always wondered what he did in the off season.

Does the top of the metronome look kind of like a creepy face staring into the depths of your very soul? Or am I just ready to go to bed.

Obligatory link to David Bowie’s “The Laughing Gnome,” which contains this among other equally atrocious puns.

Congrats Ian, awesome work!

Is it me, or does the top of the metronome look like a smiley face?

That’s funny. He doesn’t look like Ryan Seacrest.

Perhaps the next shirt could be MetroNome as in Nome, Alaska. I’m imagining a snow globe or some sort of alien abduction.

…I thought it just looked like a house… until there were several posts saying it looked like a face.

I was really hoping that the pun would be completed with a metro(sexual)gnome

Probably Option 2.

Not going to linky, but “Metro Gnome Music” is a store here in Tucson. Google it :wink:

This only made me think of Magic.

Tempting—especially to a Camel fan. :slight_smile:

looks like a santaman!

Congrats ianleino!

fantastic shirt!

I wondered if anyone else caught the subtle Bowie reference.

Keep in time, or you’ll turn to stone!

(Or am I getting my mythologies confused?)

I have one of these mechanical metronomes, but it occurs to me now that I’ve never seen another one outside of that. Do people still use these anymore, or is everything electronic now?