Metrokane Bunny Corkscrew with Foil Cutter and Extra Spiral

Insert 50 different people making “Isn’t this supposed to be on Wine.Woot” jokes below:

$50 on Amazon

Product Website

this one seems to be pretty good quality at this price. i have had some of the cheaper ones and they tend to break after a few uses. at this price its worth it to get one that will last

Apparently Texas need lots of help opening bottles tonight.

Just think of all the time I could save by not training an actual bunny to open my wine!

This should appeal to wino halo players everywhere.

I’ve had one of these for years. I paid close to $50 for mine, and I love it. It works better than you’d ever expect.

And besides, the skillful opening of a bottle of fine wine is a guaranteed chick-magnet!


Three and a half stars for the Rabbit (not bunny) on Here are the reviews:

Someone stated the bunny is the smaller version of the rabbit.

“Dear, the bunny got into the wine again!”

I have this corkscrew. It is so cool to use, you’ll immediately open all the wine bottles in your house and start thinking about visiting the neighbors.

This was ALREADY on wine.woot a few days back. But wine.woot had it in RED as part of a gift set. I ordered two… black is boring anyway.

It’s scary how this resembles another “bunny” product that has no place near a wine bottle…and vice-versa… Hippity Hoppity Where’s My Damned Woot Wine?

maybe not jokes, but why is this on woot? were they drinking too much wine and couldnt tell the difference between wine.woot and woot?

Looks more dangerous and probably less fun than a rabbit.

Seriously, though… Why here? This is as close to a bottle of wine as you can get… When kid stuff is sold on the main site I can understand because some adults might like it too. This item, on the other hand, is used exclusively for wine.(which woot has a dedicated site for) dubya-tee-ef?

Or maybe we get invited to more parties and are way more creative with our hostess gifts…

I’ll probably get one of these before the day is out. It takes out all the anxiety I get when using a regular corkscrew because I’m not afraid of the cork flying away and the bottle dropping. Basically, this is great for uncoordinated people like myself.