Metrokane Bunny Corkscrew with Foil Cutter and Extra Spiral

Looks suspiciously like a speculum. ICK.

Video demonstration.


winewoot has a sansa today.
Amazon reviews are not so good. half as many 1 star vs 5 star.
135 Reviews
5 star:
4 star:
3 star:
2 star:
1 star:

I don’t drink alcohol myself, but I’m getting one because I buy things like sparkling cider and some fancy imported water. Plus, as Alton Brown says, most kitchen utilities can have multiple uses if you think hard enough. :wink:

Texas, sure. Lotsa people, lotsa wine.
California, sure. And Washington state, with all those California ex-pats. Guess they spilled over into Idaho some also.

But, both Dakotas? BOTH of them?

No no no no, that’s just wrong. A video portraying bunny cockscrew in action? ~not clicking!~

This is different from the Rabbit corkscrew recently on wine.woot. The Bunny corkscrew is the smaller version of the Rabbit.

which each cost $9.99
for a subtotal of $9.99
plus tax collected by Woot + $1.29
plus shipping + $5.00
for a total of $16.28

Haven’t bought anything since Amazon bought Woot. They charge tax in WA now. =( Ten dollars becomes sixteen twenty eight so fast!

Another video.

As said earlier, three and a half stars. Besides, it’s $9.99. Cheap enough that if it breaks, you’re not wasting a lot. If you bought from Amazon and paid too much, then you’d be wasting a lot. For $9.99 I wouldn’t complain myself.

If you throw a couple of the rabbits in a drawer, you may find lots of bunnies the next time you open it.

I’m diggin’ the color 'cuz it’s black, and allows the Red, Red wine to flow…

Yes, but it’s still cheaper then anywhere else. If your really not in the market for one though, then that’s a different story.

Some VERY BAD reviews about customer service and “lifetime” warranty on Amazon.

Perfect Christmas gift for that Aunt that drinks way to much Champagne every New Years.

You are aware that without the tax your total would’ve been $14.99… Not $10.00 - right?
PS - The tax laws were always there, you were SUPPOSED to claim any item purchased online on your State Return so that you could pay your sales taxes… How is it Amazon’s fault that most of us* can no longer commit tax evasion?
Suck it up and pay the taxes… It’s less than $2.00

*By “us” I am not admitting that I took advantage of that loophole… nope, nosiree.

stifles comment and walks away…

whats the difference between this and the one they sell at bed bath and beyond all the time for 9.99 which I’ve used at a friend’s place before and loved it.

Dear Woot,
You’re kinda like crack, once I started I can’t stop… Is there a 12 step program?