Metrokane Bunny Corkscrew with Foil Cutter and Extra Spiral

Escaped from wine.woot?

Granted w.w. is stuck in a java rub holding pattern and probably will stay that way for awhile so having some stuff move over here is probably a good thing.

D’oh! I have no use for this. But maybe this little gem will boost wine.woot sales.

I see what you’re doing here woot. Trying to get me to bed eh?

In for 3. I especially like the “Do my laundry” feature, where the device actually does your laundry for you, from washing to folding.

I like bunnies.
They’re cute.

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(=’.’=) (=’ :’)
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Forget this, I need an electric one for the living room. I can’t be expected to go to the kitchen to open wine now can I.

$25.75 on Amazon w/reviews

General questions - how do people know how many items are left of a woot off item. Where do you find out about all the different facets of Woot- like the woot offs, etc?


Woot-Offs typically run 1-2 days and ends with a ridiculous amount of flying monkeys!

hmmmm… something to look forward to.

Escaped bunny?
Well, why not … check out Night of The Lepus, one of the all time classic so-bad-it’s-good movies, and a favorite of MST3K. 3.9 stars on

Here are some YouTube videos.

Woot FAQ

The number of items and how long the woot-off will last is kept secret. They like to keep information like that pretty scarce, so that rather than stimulating our thought processes and risking us planning ahead, we simply stay glued to our screens.


the amount of a product available is unknown to the regular public (I suppose you could create a mathematic formula to find out the quantity of one day’s product (in my case a rough guestimate) or just wait (if) till it sellsout… then see how many sold… digress and think hindsight’s 20/20 as you wish you had gotten in on the deal…

the various facets of woot are usually linked from every page known to woot… (aside from the super secret moofi)
random select… when woot decides it’s stock pile is big enough, they hold a woot-off.

Apparently this is actually an awesome deal. This was the cheapest I could find it new:

Check out the FAQ. It has a section on Wootoffs.

make sure you look out for the Bag-o’-Cr ap, where you may get an LCD TV for $1… They show up during most Wootoffs, and always end up crashing the server. I’ve never been able to get one because they sell out in about a second.

for the sake of the product, I can attest for this - especially if you have bottle’s of wine around and want a super quick and simple way to attain spiritual enlightenment from behind the cork.

also it’s almost cool enough to just have in terms of “dude man - hold my beer! I can open this wine bottle in less than 5 seconds!”

We don’t drink but bought a similar model from the Dollar Store for entertaining. They really do work and are much faster and safer than a corkscrew. If my $1 model works, this should work even better.

ZOINK! Totally awesome deal. Already have one and will soon have 2… just because its too good of a deal to pass up.