Metrokane Houdini Vertical Corkscrew

Metrokane Houdini Vertical Corkscrew
$19.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Vertical Houdini Corkscrew
COLOR: Black, Red, Silver


I would very much like to see the operating manual on a horizontal corkscrew.

I seriously thought I was going to get to be like Tosh for once in my life and have a “FIRST” moment. Stupid security code!!!

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Didn’t buy during last Woot!-off and promised myself to buy it this time. In for one!

Are these corkscrews or high heeled shoes? Their “stylin”

Really? I thought all the cork trees were dead by now, and we’d have nothing but screwtops coming down the bike… :wink:

I got one of these a few weeks ago and just love it. It’s much simpler to use than the regular rabbit or corkscrew, and takes less effort both to open the bottle and get the cork off. I paid more than 19.99. :-/

Seriously though, it’s basically a Rabbit corkscrew, which is a good thing. I rarely use any of my other corkscrews since getting the rabbit.

$36 on Amazon:

Reviews are mixed.

This sure as hell doesn’t look like a Corison offer… goodnight

If this works with “all bottle sizes,” does that include double magnums and other large-format bottles?


Had one from C*stco but ended up returning it and getting a traditional rabbit. The problem with this one is that the “handles” are plastic and don’t grip the bottle very tightly. There also wasn’t as much leverage on the cork.

All in all, I felt it would likely break if I kept using it (we’re a bottle a week family).

My immediate temptation is to be in for three, since I like to try every wine gadget (and keep some around to use as gifts). From both the Woot comments so far and the (very limited) Amazon reviews, though, people seem to either love it or think it’s a cheap piece of junk. Anyone want to persuade me one way or the other? Is this really much flimsier than a normal Rabbit, or are some folks just using it wrong?

Thanks for your thoughts!

I’m right there with khunjeff: My instincts are to buy this, but I too noticed that people seem to either love it or hate it. I don’t drink but would like to get this to give as a present, at least in part because it looks so cool. Well designed tools that really work are wonderful things. I’d love to be persuaded to grab one of these.

It worked ok, but was too unwieldy to store in a silverware drawer. I have a small kitchen with minimal cabinet space so that was a problem.

Give me a good ol’ double-hinge any day.

Off-topic: Did not know you created this shirt–it was so awesome I bought two! Do you have any other designs up now?

YouTube of the Houdini Vertical in action:

Overall, kind of meh. I’ll stick with what I have.

For everyone complaining I have this to say; Woot was built on impulse buying and faith based purchases. I highly doubt Woot! would knowingly offer a POS .I’ve never been dissatisfied with a purchase. With that being said, it’s cheaper than a Rabbit and works like a charm for a lot cheaper.

To someone who doesn’t know stuff about engineering, materials sciences, etc; yes it may feel flimsy, but that doen’t meant you’ll break it if used properly. High density polymers (plastics in this case) are very rigid and structurally sound if engineered and implemented properly. If it makes you feel any better, a certain defense company (lets just say they hit the jackpot) uses plastic parts for certain in flight operations in multi million $$ joint strike fighters, and these things pull 8+ G’s easily without the bat of an eye. Do we hear about fighter jets dropping like flies in the news constantly?

My point is that if you don’t abuse products built like this past, lets say 120% of their maximum operating load, it WILL NOT break (unless you’re a moron). Use common sense people. We are all, at least I hope, mature adults.

The complaining has increased exponentially to the point its annoying, but do what you signed up on Woot to do, BUY IT and enjoy it cause it’s an awesome deal when you click that ridiculously large gold button!

I had serious issues with the metrokane rabbit that I had. The cheap plastic parts failed, and when the one part failed while a bottle was being opened, the cork screw itself smashed my friend’s finger. For that alone I avoid metrokane.